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Adding a Menu Item

If you've created a new uncategorised Article or you wish to provide a direct link straight to a new categorised Article you will need to create a new Menu Item for your users to click on and view your new content.

To access the Menu Manager first log in to your site as previous discussed in this series. First we will look at adding a new Menu Item to the existing Main Menu. Click the Main Menu item from the Menus menu on your control panel and a view similar to the following will open:

To add a new Menu Item to this Menu click the New button towards the top right. The following page will open allowing you to first select what type of page Layout you want this Menu Item to open.

To add a link to a standard Article Layout to display your new content in full, click Articles and then from the expanded list click Article Layout

Once you have selected the Article Layout the new Menu Item window will be displayed as shown here:

The Title is the wording that will appear on the Menu for user to click on. Set a short, descriptive Title.

If the new Menu Item is to be a Sub Item under an existing Menu Item then in the Parent Item list select the existing option to add this new item to, in our example we will make this new Menu Item appear as a Sub Item of "Joomla! Overview". If you wish this to be a new main category in your Menu then leave it set to Top.

Next in the Parameters (Basic) section to the top right of the page you need to associate an Article with this Menu Item. Click the select button and a popup box will appear for you to choose the Article. Select your new story from the list and the popup window will close.

You're nearly finished, in fact if you save the Menu Item now then your item will appear on the website and your new page will be available for your visitors to view, but you may also wish to customise how the page is displayed to your users and what features and functions are offered.

To do this expand the Parameters (Advanced) box to the right of the page and set the options for your new page display as required.

Remember, if you're not sure if you've got it setup correctly you can always click Apply to make your new item live, but keep the editor open, and then test the Menu Item and resultant Article display in a new browser window, and come back to the editor window to make further changes as needed.

When you're happy with the setup, click Save to apply any changes and close the Menu Item editor. You can always come back again to edit your setup later if needed.


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