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E-Commerce Websites

At ConsultMe.org we build our E-commerce websites using Zen Cart™, a decision taken after evaluating many of the shopping cart solutions available today to provide you with an easy to use, powerful and cost effective solution.

Your E-commerce site will provide you with flexible content management, an unlimited catalogue of products and powerful promotional and marketing tools via a comprehensive and easy to use back-end control panel.

Our E-commerce websites provide:

  • Website content management system (CMS)
    Easy WYSIWYG content editor allows you to edit or add content pages instantly. If you can use a word processor, you already have the skills to add new pages to your website.
  • Unlimited product catalogue
    Define as many categories, sub categories and products as you wish via your control panel.
  • Multiple attribute options per product
    Allow users to select different attributes for the products they wish to order, for example select a colour, size, even the wording for customised printing or almost anything else you can think of. Includes the ability to associate a cost with different attributes.
  • User accounts
    Your customers can sign up for their own account allowing them to shop again and again without having to re-enter their personal details and to easily re-order past purchases as well as manage their communications preferences.
  • Secure payment
    Secure 128-bit SSL encrypted shopping cart checkout on to a wide range of payment providers, including PayPal™, Google Checkout™, Protex™, WorldPay™ and many more.
  • VAT calculation
    Define standard rate and zero rate items and tax rules for over-seas customers.
  • Shipping options
    Powerful configurable shipping modules allow you to choose exactly how you charge for delivery. Flat rate, weight based or free if they spend a set amount of money or many combinations and variations of them all!
  • Multiple currencies
    Looking for international customers? Our sites can allow your customers to choose different currencies to shop in, you just define which currencies you wish to offer and keep the exchange rates up-to-date and your e-commerce website will manage the conversions for you!
  • Discount coupons
    Define discount codes at any time using your management control panel, associate these codes with fixed amount of percentage based discounts and promote them in your marketing to attract new customers and repeat shoppers. We can even have your shop automatically send all new customers a special discount code for their next order to improve returning shopper rates.
  • Product download
    If you sell electronic products such as MP3 files, e-books or software, your shop can be configured to automatically direct your customer to download their purchase immediately after payment.
  • Flexible layout
    You can change where your menus, product highlight modules, banners and more are displayed on the page with the click of a mouse.
  • Stock tracking
    Optionally track stock in your e-commerce shop ensuring customers can't order items you've run out of. Either mark the item "Sold out" but leave it visible to shoppers to attract interest, or simply have the item automatically removed from public view until you have more stock available.
  • Customer management
    Your website control panel makes it easy to track the number of customers you have and view their details and orders. You can also define what personal information you wish to collect from customers in your registration and checkout forms and send customised emails to individuals.
  • Order management
    An email will alert you to a new order on your website promoting you or your staff to access the order management page of your control panel. From here you can view all order details, print packing slips and set order status to automatically update the customer by email, for example when you accept their order and again when you have shipped it.
  • Gift certificates
    Allow your customers to purchase gift certificates for their friends and family to spend on your website. Configure for either email only delivery or paper gift vouchers sent by post. Track open gift vouchers and see clearly when orders placed have used gift vouchers as part or full payment.
  • Newsletter management
    At various stages in the ordering process customers will be invited to sign up for newsletters from your website, for example general customer news or specific product updates. Your control panel allows you to build customised emails to distribute to these lists and automatically handles user subscribe and unsubcribe requests to comply with data protection and privacy legislation. You can also customise any of the automatically generated emails such as "Welcome new customer" and "Thank you for your order" emails.
  • Product Reviews
    We can include a product review feature in your website that will allow customers to comment on and review products available on your website. You choose if customer reviews are automatically posted to your site or if they are held in an approval queue for you to check before deciding whether to share the review on the relevant product pages of your site.
  • Tell-a-friend
    Easily allow your website visitors to email a link to a page or product of interest to their friends, a very useful marketing tool.
  • Banners
    Manage multiple static and animated advertising banners for your site, either to direct your visitors to external sites or products (typically where you earn an affiliate commission) or to highlight particular products or promotions on your site. Choose where in the body or side columns of your site you wish to show the banners and even allow the site to show different banners in the same location each time someone visits the page. Track impressions and clicks to see which banners are working and streamline your campaigns.
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO)
    We configure all our E-commerce sites to use a search engine friendly structure making it easy for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find and categorise your content and products gaining you valuable "points" for search engine rankings. This is just part of the process of providing a search engine optimised website and we can provide additional services and training to ensure your site is as easy for search engines to understand and rank as possible.
  • Internet Marketing
    Even the most attractive and useful website is useless without visitors. There is no single magic bullet to driving internet traffic to your site and a holistic approach including SEO with online and offline marketing campaigns will always yield best results. We do offer fully managed internet marketing campaigns, but we also ensure that you are able to carry out as much of this work under your own control as possible. We can install features to allow you to upload your product listings directly to Google Base (formerly known as Froogle) so that your products appear directly in Google product listings and will train you on how to define meta data for your products to provide some search engines with list of relevant keywords and product descriptions.
  • Site security
    Sadly it's a fact of today's internet that there are malicious individuals and organisations who are constantly on the look out of insecure websites, either to cause harm to those website and promote their own message or, increasingly often, to use websites as a hidden method of sending out thousands upon thousands of spam emails. We stay abreast of all current Zen Cart security recommendations and ensure that your site and our servers are configured to close all known loop holes and risks. We also offer services to regularly backup your site for easy recovery in the face of disaster.

Please contact us to discuss your new E-commerce website today.



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