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At ConsultMe.org we build our websites with the award winning Joomla!™ Content Management System (CMS) to provide our customers with a modern look and the latest functionality as well as putting them in control of their site with the powerful back-end control panel.

Whether you're taking your first steps on the internet with a 2 page "business card" website or need a full business and customer service presence on the internet our solutions will help you realise your goals at a surprisingly low price.

Why Joomla?

From business websites to community portals, on-line galleries and information sites Joomla!™ provides the platform to deliver everything you might need for your website today and all that you dream of adding in the future.

Our websites provide the following standard features, as well as almost anything else you can imagine available as an option!

  • Media Management
    Media Manager is your tool for easily managing media files or folders for inclusion in your articles and pages.

  • Banner Management
    It's easy to set up advertising or promotional banners on your web site using the Banner Manager.

  • Contact Management
    The Contact Manager helps your users to find the right person and their contact information. It also supports multiple contact forms going to specific individuals as well as groups.

  • Polls
    If you want to find out more about your users, it's easy to create polls with multiple options.

  • Search
    Help navigate users to most popular search items and, as an administrator, review search statistics to see what your visitors are looking for.

  • Web Link Management
    Providing link resources for site users is simple and you can sort them into categories, even count every click.

  • Content Management
    Joomla's simplified three-tiered system of articles makes organizing your content a breeze . You can organize your content any way you want and not necessarily how it will be presented to users on your Web site. Your users can optionally be allowed to rate articles, e-mail them to a friend, or save a page as a PDF. Administrators can archive content for safekeeping, hiding it from site visitors. Creating content is simple with the WYSIWYG editor, giving even novice users the ability to combine text, images and other media in an attractive way. Once you've created your articles, there are a number of pre-installed modules you can choose to show on some or all of your pages to show the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles, and more.

  • Spam Protection
    All our site Contact forms are protected by a "Captcha" system preventing automated spam and they mask email addresses protecting them from address gathering.

  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management
    Optionally syndicate your site content, allowing your users to subscribe to new content in their favorite RSS reader.

  • Menu Manager
    The Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. You can structure your menu hierarchy (and nested menu items) completely independent of your content structure. Put one menu in multiple places and in any style you want; use rollovers, dropdown, flyouts and just about any other navigation system you can think of. Also automatic breadcrumbs are generated to help navigate your site users.

  • Template Manager
    Templates are a powerful way to make your site look exactly the way you want and we will provide at least 2 variations on the final design allowing some variation within your site. The level of visual control goes a step further with powerful template overrides, allowing you to customize which modules and layout are shown for each page in your site.

You're in control

We create your website to your specification, with a unique professional design, working with you throughout the process to ensure completely happy with your site.  When it's ready to launch we train you on how to manage and expand your website allowing you to carry out the following tasks with no special programming or website design skills:

  • Editing existing pages including adding images, movies and other media

  • Adding new pages and articles to main content areas including any news and blog pages

  • Adding menu items

  • Adding web links

  • Building new menus

  • Selecting layout templates

  • Positioning modules

We can of course provide our services to update your website on your behalf if you prefer, but the beauty of a CMS based website like ours is that, assuming you can use a word processor, you already have enough skills to carry our most of the tasks above and can keep your website bang up to date with no on going web design fees!

Please contact us to discuss your project today.


ConsultMe.org is based in the Cotswolds, England where we develop websites and provide IT support for small businesses, clubs and community groups, schools and nurseries, entrepreneurs, home users and not for profit organisations.

We service Gloucestershire including Cheltenham, Stow, Bourton, Northleach, Gloucester, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Evesham, Stroud, Tetbury and the surrounding areas, though with today's communications tools we can work with you effectively, no matter where you are in the world.

Joomla!™ is the trademark of Open Source Matters Inc in the United States and other countries. ConsultMe.org claim no affiliation with or ownership of this mark and use it here only to refer to the product for educational purposes.

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